5 thoughts on “ Life Aint Fare ”

  1. Doutaur says:
    “Life ain't fair. It ain't. Not never. It's pointless and stupid and there's only suffering and pain and people who want to hurt you. You can't love nothing or no one cuz it'll all be taken away or ruined and you'll be left alone and constantly having to fight, constantly having to run just to stay alive.”.
  2. Meztizragore says:
    life ain't fair A phrase which seems to be able to justify any means people may use to fuck you over.
  3. Todal says:
    Life Ain’t Fair and the World Is Mean Lyrics Well that label man said son now can you sing a little bit more clear Your voice might be too genuine and your song's a little too sincere Can you sing.
  4. Dull says:
    Life is NOT FAIR. At least it’s not fair all the time. But sometimes life IS FAIR — to be fair. So somebody commits a capital crime.
  5. Mezijora says:
    Oct 25,  · But of course life isn’t fair, no matter what your political lean, and we might be expecting too much from reality. In our zealous pursuit of fairness, we have banished our urges to like one person more than another, one thing over another, hiding them away as dirty secrets of our humanity.

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